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Thank you for your interest in our work. Very pleased, I am Thiago Inter, journalist, professional photographer, traveler and author of Próximo Embarque. Our travel portal was born in 2010 with the proposal of attracting people who want to know the world but do not know how start their journey!
Thiago Inter in Berlin, Germany.


In our logbook, we give tips on support, behavior, shopping, gastronomy and the main information of the places we have visited. And they are not few! In those 6 years of Próximo Embaqrue, we have passed 20 countries and we have seen wonders from countless cities! Just in Brazil, we know 12 states (see here where we’ve gone, see our map)!

Our main objective is show the wolrd for brazilian people and, them, they can travel all places.


Visiting the Palace of Versailles, France.
And our team keeps track of where we are. Most of posts are text and image, bringing readers richer and more detailed content.
Our feelings, in photo and video, are registered with the use of professional equipment. We use the modern Canon 6D and GoPro Hero4, cameras that guarantee us high resolution photographs and Full HD footage.
A good exemplo, is this short film produced during our travel for Pantanal and in the region of Serra da Bodoquena, Brazil, in June 2015.


In addition to this beautiful video record, our trip to Mato Grosso do Sul gave us spontaneous media. We were featured in Bonito news, a tourism portal that is a reference among the residents Mato Grosso do Sul state.

Still in Brazil, our passage through the Triple Frontier in March 2016 was also perpetuated by beautiful images. The clip portrays, beyond the splendor of the Iguaçu Falls, a Paraguay that the world does not know.


In Europe, during our wanderings, we also developed beautiful videos, about the cities most coveted by tourists! We have already recorded our adventures in Berlin, Vienna, Prague, Dresden, Potsdam, Versailles, Paris …



We are members of the Brazilian Network of Travel Bloggers – RBBV. This important “quality seal” is the recognition of the optimum content of our site.

Our site has engaging readers, who research differentiated scripts. They are, on average, ten thousand monthly accesses from travelers who see in us a reference to their adventures around world.


At the invitation of the Iguana Tour, we made evaluations of its tour services through Manaus and the Amazon. We participated in a number of experiences that resulted in posts and videos about our trip.

Our editor of gastronomy is made in partnership with the portal Life’s de Cook. The subjects of gastronomic interest posted in the Próximo Embarque are written by the journalist Mari Bontempo and replicated in Vida de Cozinheiro.

We are members of the Brazilian Network of Travel Bloggers, the RBBV. This partnership has given us the opportunity to increase the quality of our posts and optimize our roadmaps. In addition, there is a space on the RBBV website for members’ articles, which is widely accessed by travelers from across the country.

We have partnered with the Winter Portal since November 2016. The blog, Fiero brand, specialized in winter clothing, is a reference for the traveler looking for a winter destination. The portal brings together the best tips on what to do, use, eat, know and what to bring to a cold place. All posts from the Próximo Embarque containing these topics may be replicated by the Winter Portal.

We had a partnership in November 2016 with Wien.Info, the site responsible for tourism in Vienna, Austria. We produced videos about the city, we’ve also written posts about evaluations of services and about our script there.

We were also connected to the Berlin Tourism Authority, Visit Berlin. They granted us the Berlin Pass, to know the city and to make an evaluation of this service that the city provides to travelers. We produce posts and videos with tours around the region.

We were invited to spend our stays at the Scandic Hotels in the Kurfürstendamm district of Berlin. We made an evaluation of the hotel and the city that it is situated in.


HIS Brazil was part of our experience in Japan, giving us sponsorship and consultation in our stay in the country with personalized service, sale of the JR Pass and clarification on visas and other services.

Sponsored Articles:

We produce exclusive content for products, tourist attraction, hotels and agencies.
Our most recent partnership was start in November 2016 with a Fiero, a renowned Brazilian brand of clothing for the winter. During our trip around Central Europe we posted photos using Fiero’s products on the Instagram and social medias.
Partnership with Fiero during our European tour in 2016.


At the end of the 25-day tour, we also produce for Fiero, 7 about the the brand, published on the Próximo Embarque website and replicated at Fiero’s Winter Portal. The posts were: “Gastronomic Tour – European restaurant tips“, “Meet Europe in winter“, “Prague, open air museum“, “Europe: tips for you to choose the ideal hotel“, “Europe by train in first class “,” The Vienna Christmas Market ” and “How to organize a light and functional winter suitcase“.

Matéria produzida pelo Próximo Embarque para a Fiero. Postagem divulgada no facebook da marca.


We have made 11 videos for our youtube channel about the trip through Central Europe, with special emphasis on the stylish, versatile and comfortable clothes of the brand Fiero used by us.

Other recent consolidated partnerships were a post sponsored by Trivago of Portugal and also to Trip Storage, company based in Orlando, United States.

New partnerships:

We are open for new proposals for partnerships with companies that are interested in product and service reviews in the area of tourism, travel press, family travel, publications, among other publications.

The result of the work is publishing in Próximo Embarque and dissemination in social networks (Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter),

There is also a possibility of temporary promotion with top banner. And other forms of sponsorship can also be studied.

Contact us by email: contato@proximoembarque.com or by whatsapp/Phone of Thiago Inter: +55 61 99607-9365. We will have a great time reviewing your idea!

Our most recent partnership was with the Iguana Tour, where we produce content for our social media, blog and videos about Manaus, in Brazil, and the Rain Forest.


More about Thiago Inter:

Thiago Inter is graduate in Social Communication from the IESB University Center in Brasilia. He has worked on TV Brasil for 15 years. He has been a communications adviser for REBRAE, the Brazilian School Feeding Network. He is also a professional photographer and partner of PhotoMathiz.
Traveling is his great passion and writing about all these adventures, a professional achievement recognized by famous journalists in Brazil. A fine tribute to the serious work done by Thiago Inter in the Próximo Embarque was made by the renowned journalist Wilson Ibiapina, for the blog Conversa Piaba.